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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Marketing Cloud- Welcome Email -Triggered Sends vs. Playbooks

Knowledge Article Number 000232226
Description There are options when it comes to automating a "Thank you for subscribing" or Welcome campaign. Recommendations vary depending on your desired outcome and technical expertise. Here are some best practices to consider when evaluating whether to use Triggered Sends vs. Playbooks.

Triggered Sends utilize the API so having resources available to code the API call is necessary. If the API is being used to add the subscriber to a Marketing Cloud data extension, a triggered send definition can be utilized to send a Welcome campaign. Triggered sends are recommended if you're looking to send a single campaign rather than a series.

Playbooks are powerful because they are wizard based and Marketer-friendly.  API resources are not needed to code the automation. A (3) part Welcome series resides in Playbooks and can be configured to be sent over the course of a few weeks to newly added subscribers.  More information on Playbooks can be found on the Marketing Cloud homepage.

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