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I am not able to find the standard or custom object name on Process Builder while updating a related record.

Knowledge Article Number 000232229
Description While adding an action in a process builder to update a record related to the object you will see two options:

           1) Select the record that started your process.
           2) Select a record related to the Object.

When you select the second option and try searching for the related object by its object name
or API name, you won’t be able to find the object name if you have a rename Child Relationship Name field

Resolution If you have changed the Child Relationship Name option on a Lookup field or a Master-Detail Relationship field. Then on process builder you will be able to search with child relationship name and not with the object name or API name.
Below are the details to check the Child Relationship Name field option:
Click on Setup | Customize | Object | check for Lookup field or Master-Detail Relationship field name | Click on Label | you will see: Child Relationship Name field.
Below is the example for Field Label as Account & Child Relationship Name as Example_Test :

User-added image

User-added image

The Child Relationship Name will show up on a Process Builder and not the original name for object or API name.

This will only apply if your Field Label is different from Child Relationship name field.


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