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User unable to post in case feed

Knowledge Article Number 000232230
Description When going to an opportunity or an account that I do not own, I am not able to post anything within the case feed. Why?
Resolution The global actions could be overriding your Quick Actions. To correct this you will need to edit your page layout. 

Steps to take 

1) Go to the page in which you are unable to post 
2) Select on the top right "edit page layout" 
3) Within the page layout you will see Quick Actions in the Salesforce Classic Publisher 
(select "override the global publisher layout" this will allow you to select what you want as a quick action on the page. 
4) Select from Quick actions in the page layout what you would like on the page. 
**In this instance I selected "Post" and dragged the button to the quick actions in the Salesforce classic publisher. 

5) Then select "Save" 

This should allow you to see the change of post on this page layout as needed.

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