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Why is Salesforce Support asking for permission to allow OAuth access for delegated logins?

Knowledge Article Number 000232232
Description Beginning with the Winter '16 release, a new feature was enabled on your Salesforce org by default. This feature blocks access to OAuth connections when using any kind of delegated login, such as the login access you might grant to Salesforce Support for assistance with a case.
Resolution In rare situations, such as troubleshooting certain kinds of issues in the Salesforce Help & Training Portal, it may become necessary for Salesforce Support to request the permission of an authorized administrator in your organization to allow OAuth access when logging in as another user. The reason for this is that an OAuth connection is used when logging into the Help and Training Portal from your Salesforce organization.

While Salesforce support usually needs this to troubleshoot an issue affecting one, or at most a small number of users, the setting is changed at the Salesforce organization level and will technically apply to all users in the Salesforce organization.

Typically the request will be for a duration of about one week. After that time, the OAuth access block should be reset by Support back to its default status.

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