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How to create a Scheduled Report based on Unread Leads?

Knowledge Article Number 000232234
Description How to receive email alerts for unread leads?

Workflow Rule and Process Builder currently do not support unread leads. However, the same can achieved by using Schedule Report functionality.
Resolution Below are the steps to create a Report based on Unread Leads:
  1. Go to Reports tab.
  2. Click on New Report.
  3. Select the Report Type as Leads and click on Create.
  1. On the top column set the “Show” option to “My/All Leads”.
  2. Set the “Date Field” to “Create Date” and set the “Range” as “Today”.
  3. Quick Search for the Field “Unread By Owner”. Drag and Drop the field into the area of the report’s “Add Filter” area.
  4. Set the “Unread By Owner” Filter criteria equals to True.
  5. Now, the report will display the list of records that were created today and were left unread by the owner.
  6. Click on Run Report and Save it.
Below are the steps, to Schedule the report:
  1. Click on the Drop down of the Run Report button and select, “Schedule Future Runs”.
  2. Select the Running User for the Schedule, preferably a System Administrator.
  3. Based on the Requirement select “Email Report” as “To me” or “To me and/or others”.
  1. Upon selecting the “To me and/or others”, you can select the Public groups and/or Users.
  2. Then add them as recipients, by clicking on the Name and selecting the Add option.
  1. Set the Frequency as per the requirement to “Daily, Weekly or Monthly”.
  1. Upon selecting the Daily frequency, Select Every Weekday or Everyday as per the requirement.
  2. Upon selecting Weekly, also select “Recurs every week on” and check the preferred days
  3. Upon selecting the Monthly option, you can set the value of start date/day as preferred.
  4. Provide a Start and End date for the Schedule.
  5. Set the Preferred Start time, by clicking on the Find available options link. 
  1. Click on the “Save Report Schedule” button after selecting the option “Save report modifications with this schedule” in the Save Changes section.
Now, this Report will be saved and will trigger an E-mail alert for the prescribed time that has been mentioned in the Schedule of the Report.

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This workaround can be followed for the requirement of E-mail alert through a Workflow for the Unread Leads, which is a Limitation and cannot be done as of now. There is an Idea posted on this request already, and the link is as follows:

IdeaExchange Link:

Create workflow based on unread leads​

Hence, this Scheduled Report would help you in accomplishing this request in an easier way.


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