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Manage Sales Wave Security Predicates

Knowledge Article Number 000232260
Description After creating the Sales App, a manager can remove security predicates from any/all datasets.  Many times this helps an admin or consultant view the data before showing to other team members.

The security predicate can be removed from any of the Sales Wave datasets.

Resolution Removing the Security Predicate:

Removing the security predicate can be done through the following steps:

1. In the Wave UI, hover over the target dataset. Click the "Edit" link that appears.

2. Clear the contents of the "Security Predicate" field. You may wish to back up the contents if you have customized them.

3. Click "Update Dataset".

4. You will need to refresh the app to have the updated predicate apply to your session. If a refresh does not work, log out and back in to force a new session.

Replacing the Security Predicate:

If you wish to replace the Security Predicate, the default values for each dataset are listed below:

"Opportunities", "Event", "Task" :
'Owner.Role.Roles' == "$User.UserRoleId" || 'OwnerId' == "$User.Id" || 'Account.OwnerId' == "$User.Id"

"Quota with Users" :
'Role.Roles' == "$User.UserRoleId" || 'Id' == "$User.Id"

"Users" :
'User.Role.Roles' == "$User.UserRoleId" || 'User.Id' == "$User.Id"

"Oppty Products", "Pipeline Trending" :
'Opportunity.Owner.Role.Roles' == "$User.UserRoleId" || 'Opportunity.OwnerId' == "$User.Id" || 'Opportunity.Account.OwnerId' == "$User.Id"


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