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Knowledge Article Number 000232261
Description Billing FAQ & Vendor Information
Resolution BILLING FAQ

Why am I receiving multiple invoices?
Moving forward, professional services will be invoiced separately from your subscription fees. There will be no change in your contract or fees owed.

Why do my utilization products reflect different quantities?
Our usage products are now sold in quantities of 1,000. There will be no change in the total amount of utilization you purchased and there are no changes to your contract or fees owed.

Why might I see multiple line items on my invoice?
In order to provide more detail to our customers, we have separated some single products into multiple products. This will give you more visibility into what products and features you have purchased. There no changes to product functionality, your contract or fees owed.

Should I set up a new vendor in my systems?
Yes, moving forward, you will need to remit payment to the correct regional buy/sell entity up in your system.

To find more detail, please see the relevant vendor detail information below.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact
Please use the following information for your region in order to set us up as a vendor.  To make a payment by any other method, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance:

You can also find our remittance information on any Invoice.

For Customers in the United States, Latin America and Canada (AMER), click here

For Customers in the Europe, Middle East or Africa (EMEA), click here

For Customers in the Australia and Asia Pacific (APAC), click here 

For a copy of the W9, please click here  

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