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Add Interests to existing Interest Clusters in the Campaign Builder

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Note: This article is specific to Facebook Ad Campaigns only.

Advertising Studio Campaigns allows you to target Facebook Ad Campaigns by using "Interest Clusters." Interest Clusters is a group of similar targeting interest keywords that are used for targeting your audience. When including an existing Interest Cluster in the Campaign Builder, you can add in new Interests to that Cluster segment. By applying new Interest keywords to an active Interest Cluster, it will allow you to test whether applying precise or broad targeting will drive better results for your Ad Campaign.


Add new Interests to your existing Interest Cluster


1. Click the Facebook New Campaign button towards the top right-hand corner of page.
2. Build your Campaign by entering in the details and selecting your Objective.
3. In the 'Audiences' tab of the Campaign Builder, enter in your Campaign details until you arrive at "Interests & Connections."
4. From the 'Interests & Connections' drop down, select Existing Clusters to view all existing Interest Clusters.
5. Check the box of the existing Cluster you would like to add to the Campaign.
6. Click Add to apply the existing Cluster to the Campaign.
7. In the 'Interest and Interest Clusters' search field, type in your new targeting Interests. This Interest list is pulled directly from Facebook.
8. On the right-hand side of the field, there's an arrow pointing down next to the 'Add' button. Click on the arrow button pointing down.
9. Click Add to Active Segment to apply the new Interests to the existing Cluster segment.

Note: Adding interests to an existing segment within the Campaign Builder does not alter the original Cluster targeting keywords.  


Edit an existing Cluster

1. Click My Account.
2. Click Interest & Keyword Clusters.
3. Click on the 'Cluster Name' that you would like to edit. 
4. Type in the Interest keywords that you would like to add to the Cluster. 
5. Click Save cluster to apply the new Interests to the existing Cluster. 

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