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How to extract the articles which doesn't have any Data Category?

Knowledge Article Number 000232301
Description There is no standard functionality to pull the articles which do not have a Data Category assigned. However, we can create a report on articles assigned to active Data Categories. Therefore, we can export all articles followed by articles that are assigned Data Categories in order to compare the results for each export via their article Ids to identify which are not assigned categories.

NOTE: We can only export the articles based on active Data Category. Non active categories will not be displayed under the report filters.
Resolution 1. Export all the articles via report into a master Excel file.

Use the Date filters as Created date range = All Time.

All Article

NOTE: All articles exported via API will contain Draft and Published articles. Using reports we can only export articles which were published, hence, it is easy to find out the articles which doesn't have Data Category.

2. Now we need export the articles based on active Data Category. Since we have 3 active categories in salesforce, we need to create 3 reports. You can refer to the below screenshot to know how to filter Data Category:

NOTE: Select the Data Category and set logic to "above or below" with 'All' filter.

Data Category filter

Refer to below Spring'14 release Notes for more information on this:

3. Once all the 4 reports created, export the reports to .CSV excel files.

4. Using the VLOOKUP functionality in Excel, we need to segregate the Master file with the 3 Data Category files to find out which articles doesn't have the Data Category and save that file into a separate .CSV file.

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