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Considerations Before Enabling Wave Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000232305

Consider the following important points prior to enabling Wave Analytics

  • Wave Analytics requires add-on licenses. These must be provisioned through your Account Team.
  • Wave Analytics will be initially provisioned to the Production environment. Like all new functionality, we recommend testing in a Sandbox first. Information about provisioning Wave Analytics in a Sandbox can be found here.
  • Once Wave Analytics is provisioned, it must be enabled through the following path:
Setup | Wave Analytics | Getting Started | Enable Analytics

Effects of enabling Wave Analytics

1. Two new Licenses are provisioned: "Analytics Cloud Integration User" and "Analytics Cloud Security User"
2. Two new Profiles are created: "Analytics Cloud Integration User Profile" and "Analytics Cloud Security User Profile"
3. Two new Users are created, associated with the respective License and Profile: "Integration User" and "Security User"

NOTE: These Users and Profiles cannot be removed once created. This aspect of Wave Analytics enablement is irreversible. More details regarding disabling Wave Analytics can be found here.

If any errors are encountered during the enablement process, please contact Salesforce Support.

After activation

Permission Set Licenses will need to be assigned to the desired users.

Permission Sets will need to be created with necessary permissions and assigned to the desired users.

These links cover enablement for Wave Analytics PlatformSales Wave App, Service Wave App, and Event Monitoring Wave App.

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