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Spring '16 - How is the relevancy of the news determined in Account Insights?

Knowledge Article Number 000232308
Description In Spring '16 users can provide feedback to Salesforce on how to improve the relevancy and appropriateness of the news displayed when using Account Insights in Lightning Experience 
You can read more about it in the Release Notes: Account Insights: Improve the Relevancy of News in Lightning Experience
How is the relevancy of that feedback determined?
Resolution In Spring '16 we are gathering user preferences that will impact the news feed in future releases so please bear with us if you do not see immediate changes after providing your feedback.
In future releases, safe harbor, we're working on providing content-based recommendations to make sure that the content displayed is relevant to you. We're working on evaluating multiple aspects such as: keywords, sources, industry, company location...

For the time being, please note that the aspect of your Account Insights news feed may not change drastically after providing the feedback.

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