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"Either this action doesn't exist or you don't have access to it" on Communities in a Developer Org

Knowledge Article Number 000232310
Description When I click "Ask a question" or "Contact support" pages in my Community I'm getting an error "Either this action doesn't exist or you don't have access to it: NewCase".
I've already reviewed the Record Type, the Profile permissions and the Community management settings as suggested in this Article: Edit the Contact Support Page using Community Builder.

Resolution This can occur on Developer Organizations that have a Namespace Prefix set up. See more about Register a Namespace Prefix.

Please note that when creating a Namespace Prefix Salesforce prepends this prefix (along with two underscores, "__") to components that need to be unique such as custom objects and fields. This also includes Actions.
To fix this error you need to make sure you're appending your selected Prefix to the actions, including the underscores.

Example: Let's take the scenario where you're trying to use the Standard "Contact Support" form in a Napili template based Community that uses the standard action "New Case" and that you recently set up a Namespace Prefix: "MyDeveloperOrg".
To solve this you'd need to:
1. Navigate to the Community Builder page.
2. Select the Page you're trying to use, in this example: Contact Support.
3. Click on the "Page Editor" icon.
4. Select the "Page Structure" tab.
5. Click on the "Create Case Form" component.
6. In the right hand side you will see the Actions (Signed-in User Case Action and Guest User Case Action) where you can see the NewCase value selected.
7. Change that value for: MyDeveloperOrg__NewCase
8. Publish those changes.

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