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Change Set Validate/Deploy error: Invalid Related List Name

Knowledge Article Number 000232313
Description When migrating change sets with “Page Layouts” (“Custom Console Components” with custom related lists), the change set in target org may error with “Invalid Related List Name”.  This error happens when change set is missing custom field (Lookup or MD) that’s responsible for the custom related list in “Custom Console Components” for page layout.   In source org, when creating change set with custom page layout and clicking on “View/Add Dependencies” button, the button doesn’t picking up dependencies with custom lookup / MD field.

Here's a sample test case using case object and “Custom Console Components”

1.  In Case object, create custom lookup field to case object
2.  Create custom Case page layout
3.  Edit custom Case page layout and click on “Custom Console Components”
4.  In “Bottom Sidebar (Interaction Log)”, add custom related list
5.  Create Outbound Change Set
6.  In “Change Set Components” click on “Add”
7.  Select “Page Layout” and choose “Case Feed”.  Click “Add to Change Set”.
8.  Click on “View/Add Dependencies”.
10. The following error appears: “This change set has no dependencies”.

Resolution This is working as designed.  Salesforce R&D has logged an enhancement to request “View/Add Dependencies” button to pickup custom field is dependent for custom page layout.  To workaround, please add custom lookup/MD field to change set if that field is being used as related list in “Custom Console Components” for custom Page Layout. 

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