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BEST PRACTICE: Marketing Cloud- Held Status

Knowledge Article Number 000232328
Description "Held" is another term for "undeliverable" status.  A subscriber can bounce within the limits of bounce logic (3 times in 15+ days or 1 hard bounce from a trusted domain) and be classified with a held status. This means the subscriber status will remain in held status and will be suppressed from all future sends.

It's important to always utilize deliverability best practices and watch send rates closely.  If you see send rates dip lower than expected, it's a good idea to review recent sends along with subscriber status reports.  

The only way to send mail to a held/undeliverable subscriber is to re-activate them.  This can be done by exporting subscribers in held status from the application or by extracting subscriber status via data extract and re-importing with "active" status.  It is not recommended to re-activate previously hard bounced subscribers.

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