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Responding to recurring event results in "There are no future occurrences in this series" message

Knowledge Article Number 000232346
Description Users may report receiving an invite for a recurring event to find that clicking the "Respond to This Request" button or link contained in the email directs them to the related event record in Salesforce with a message that reads:

There are no future occurrences in this series.

In addition, the user or invitee is not able to choose Accept Series, Decline Series, or Enter Your Response.

Resolution This may happen when a recurring event has been edited and invitees have been added after all events in the series have passed.

Once all of the recurring events in a series are in the past users still have the ability to view and edit the series. If a user adds an invitee to an event whose recurrences have passed the invitee will still receive the standard Recurring event update email notification.

However, since they were added to a recurring event that has already occurred in the past when they click the "Respond to This Request" button or the event link in the email message they will be directed to the event detail page with the message: There are no future occurrences in this series.

This is expected behavior and the email notification is sent because it is possible to extend an event series that has occurred entirely in the past to a future date upon editing and/or adding new invitees. In which circumstance, the email is necessary to allow the invitee to properly indicate whether they intend to accept or decline the future recurrences of the event(s). However, it is not possible to add invitees and allow them to accept or decline for events that have already taken place.

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