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Accelerator - Introduction to Governance

Knowledge Article Number 000232348
Salesforce Success Services


Introduction to Governance

The Introduction to Governance Accelerator targets customers that need help in getting started with a governance framework.

During the engagement, a Salesforce Specialist will draw on insights from thousands of successful deployments to provide:
  • Current governance best practices
  • Insight into four fundamental processes for governance
  • A draft governance charter tailored to your business objectives

How do I know if I'm a good candidate for this Accelerator?

  • You have issues managing Salesforce
  • You do not have a governance framework in place, but have the sponsorship in place to implement a framework around your Salesforce projects
  • You would like a step-by-step approach starting small at the beginning

Now that's I've determined I'm a good candidate for the Accelerator, what else do I need to know?

  • You need 5 Premier Points (the currency for the Accelerators)
  • You can commit to approximately 4 hours with a Salesforce Specialist spanning two workshops, with homework
  • The engagement of the Executive Sponsor is needed (ex: CIO, Head of Sales, Head of Service, etc.)
  • All key personnel from the Salesforce team attend the two workshops and complete the homework between the two workshops

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