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Where can I find the Relevance Score for reports in Advertising Studio?

Knowledge Article Number 000232349

Advertising Studio provides an Ad Relevance Score metric for your reports to allow you to better optimize your ads more effectively. The ad relevance score is an estimate of how relevant an ad is to your target audience based on a scale of 1 - 10. A score of 10 would indicate that the ad is highly relevant to your audience and score of 1 would indicate that the ad is not very relevant to your audience. The more relevant an ad is to your audience, the better it's likely to perform.

The exported spreadsheet will display the score values in the Relevancy Score column, for each campaign. The spreadsheet creates one "Relevancy Score" column per campaign.

Resolution To find the Relevance Score metric in Advertising Studio reports, please follow these steps:

1.) Click on the "Reports" button
2.) Click on the "Create Report" button to build a new report.
3.) Enter your Report Title in the title field.
4.) Select "Facebook" as the 'Report Type'.
5.) In the 'Summarize by' drop down, select "Ad".
6.) In the 'Choose what to export' section, check the "Specific Fields" button.
7.) Type "Relevancy Score" in the search field and check the box for "Relevancy Score" once the option is found in the Available Fields menu.

When the relevancy score field is selected, the metric will appear on the right hand side under the "Chosen Fields".

Click on the "Run Now" to generate the report or click on the "Save" button to save the report for future use.

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