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Accelerator - Salesforce1 Mobile Adoption

Knowledge Article Number 000232351
Salesforce Success Services

Salesforce1 Mobile Adoption


Jumpstart Salesforce1 Mobile Adoption

 This Accelerator targets customers who have deployed Salesforce1 but users are not adopting it. The specialist strives to help you deliver key mobile capabilities to your users.

  What it can do for you

   The goals include helping our customers identify the most critical use cases to:
  • Increase the number of processes that are mobile-enabled
  • Increase efficiency and productivity of your mobile users
  • Increase adoption and value of the Salesforce platform

 Guiding Principles

  Our Commitments
  • Identify up to three use cases with clear, measurable business impact
  • Identify metrics / KPIs for tracking this impact
  • Provide implementation recommendations for the defined use cases
  • Recommendations for reports and dashboards to track the metrics
  • Recommendations on adoption, training or communication plans

   Your Commitments
  • Participation from a LOB Sponsor for rolling out Salesforce1 Mobile
  • A committed Salesforce Administrator to implement the recommended changes
  • A committed change management resource to execute communication, training and adoption plan recommendations
  • Complete a post-engagement survey
Engagement Process and Timeline
Key milestones, approximate duration and due dates
MilestonesDuration (Min)Estimated
1) Accelerator Overview - Review Details30-60Start Date
2) Discovery Session60-90Start +7
3) Compile RecommendationsN/AStart +7
4) Recommendation Report Delivery90Start + 12
5) Follow Up (as needed)60-90Start +19
6) Final Checkpoint (Survey / Email) 15Start +15

For more resources check out the Getting Started with Salesforce: Salesforce1 Hub

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