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Sync through a Custom Audience in Advertising Studio Campaigns

Knowledge Article Number 000232353
Custom Audiences allow you to find and target your offline customer base on Facebook. This means you can share a special offer with your most loyal customers, create a sale for people who love a particular brand but haven’t visited in a while, or simply grow your Facebook fan base with current customers, so that when you publish to them you’ll know you’re reaching people who actively engage with your business.

Once you create your Audience, you'll be able to target your unique customer segment by selecting it from your custom broad category targeting when you create your Campaign. Custom Audiences created outside of Advertising Studio Campaigns can be pulled in for usage. 

Sync through a Custom Audience

1. Select the My Advertising Studio tab at the top of the tool bar.
2. Click Custom Audience.
3. Near the upper-right hand corner, select the Facebook account that is tied to your Custom Audience.
4. Click Sync Custom Audience.
5. Once completed your Audience will show within the grid below.

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