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Accelerator - Salesforce CTI Assessment

Knowledge Article Number 000232354
Salesforce Success Services

Salesforce CTI Assessment

What problem are we solving for you? 

This accelerator targets those customers who want to understand CTI functionality better and would like to start planning their Salesforce CTI Strategy. The aim is to help them navigate their first steps for CTI Implementation and find a partner.

The specialist will familiarize you with the benefits of CTI integration and typically include:
     Most Popular Use Cases:
  •   In Context Screen Pop for any Standard or Custom object based on ANI/DNIS
  •   Click to Dial to Connect to Customers Immediately
  •   Agent SoftPhone Controls Provide Enhanced Rep Experience
  •   Enhanced Reporting through Call Logging in Salesforce
    Typical Benefits
  •   Improved Agent Productivity
  •   Improved Customer Experience
  •   Reduce Handling Time and Overall Costs
  •   Report Effectively on Agent Activity Driving Better Performance / Staffing etc.
 Accelerator Guiding Principles

    Salesforce Commitment
  • We will facilitate a discovery session to help you define your CTI strategy
  • Work with Contact Center management to detail use cases
  • Include additional LOB leaders in extended use case discussions
  • Gather pertinent details regarding telephony environment
  • Deliver Discovery Report including the following:
  •       Review of telephony architecture and key use cases
  •       List of up to 3 Partner options
  •       Open CTI Deployment Best Practices

    Your Commitment

      Accelerator Pre-requisites:

  •   Customer is looking to implement CTI, is not familiar with the Salesforce CTI strategy and needs appropriate guidance.

      Product Features / Enabled:

  •   Service Cloud licenses enabled in Org

      People / Resources Needed:

  •   A LOB stakeholder who is committed to implementing CTI
  •   An IT/Telephony stakeholder who is willing to participate in the discovery
  •   A Service management stakeholder to represent current use cases
Engagement Process and Timing
Key Milestones & Approximate Duration 
MilestoneDuration (Min)Estimated Timeframe
1.) Accelerator Review30Start Date
2.) Discovery Session Preparation60Start + 5
3.) Discovery Session with Contact Center Exec & Telephony Team
  • Discuss and review current telephony architecture
  • Determine use cases where CTI will improve productivity
  • Discuss deployment best practices
120Start +7
4.) Review Options and Present CTI Partner Options60Start +12
5.) Review Partner Selection (as needed)30Start +15
6.) Final CheckPoint (Survey / Email)15Start +15


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