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Accelerator - Design a Center of Excellence

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Salesforce Cloud Services


Design a Center of Excellence

What problem are we solving for you?

How do you effectively govern your Salesforce solutions?

We have 3 paths through this package depending on your current state:
  • No formal process in place
  • You have formal processes, however, you believe that they can be improved
  • Your implementation was delivered and managed by an SI, now you want to operationalize it
Typical Benefits:
  • Drive Business Value
  • Increased control without loss of agility
  • Aligning technology project with strategic organizational goals 
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduce complexity
Accelerator Guiding Principles
Salesforce Commitment:
  • Limited to developing the 30, 60, 90 day CoE plan
  • Workshop discussions will be at a high-level, sufficient to define the scope and resources required
  • The path through the workshop will be based on your communicated state and will not change during the workshop
Your Commitment:
  • Defining success criteria
  • The attendance of all the key stakeholders at the workshop
  • Clearly communicating your current Salesforce management framework state before the workshop
  • Completing the required prerequisite tasks
  • Providing required feedback through the survey process

Engagement Process and Timing
Key Milestones & Approximate Duration
1) Study and analyze your current Governance framework15 minutes
2) Agree on package path (A, B, or C)5 minutes
3) Agree on quantifiable success goals for this engagement15 minutes
4) Engage in discovery process to identify current challenges and business goals and strategies30 minutes
5) Conduct a customer workshop to define primary processes, core responsibilities, and 30, 60, 90 day roadmap4 hours
6) Implement the plan with 30, 60, 90 day checkpoints with Salesforce Success Management Team1 hour

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