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Accelerator - Service Cloud Console Design

Knowledge Article Number 000232358
Salesforce Success Services

Accelerator - Service Cloud Console Design

Accelerator Overview 
The key goal of this engagement is to discuss, create and configure the Salesforce Console for Service Cloud to be used by your customer service reps so your agents can quickly access key data and case resolution tools. 

    Typical Questions Addressed Include:
     1.)   What data can be displayed in the Highlights Panel?
     2.)   How do I configure it for multiple monitors?
     3.)   How do I integrate with Knowledge?
     4.)   How do I integrate Live Agent?
     5.)   What can the Case Feed and CTI offer me?
     6.)   What can Macros offer in the Console?
     7.)   What are the limitations or known issues?
     8.)   How do I deploy the Salesforce Console?

 Guiding Principles
    Our Commitment
     1.)   We will help you identify your top use cases
     2.)   We will share best practices
     3.)   Provide Declarative configuration of the Salesforce Console
            - Leverage the latest release features
            - Reuse existing component (e.g. Console Page Layouts,etc.)
            - No code will be created or modified
            - No integration with external systems or data will be configured

    Your Commitment
     1.)  Service Cloud and Case Management is currently in use
     2.)  Define a successful outcome
     3.)  Invite key staff roles to the discussion
           - IT (Salesforce Admin)
           - Service Team ( Manager, Supervisor, Rep)
     4.)  Provide access to your Sandbox Org
     5.)  Deploy Salesforce Console to your users once completed
     6.)  Provide feedback via survey (Required)


Engagement Process & Timeline
Key Milestones & Approximate Duration 
      MilestoneDuration (Minutes)Estimated
1.) Accelerator Overview -
     -  Review details and schedule next steps
     -  Agree on quantifiable success criteria
30Start Date
2.) Discovery Session Preparation
     - Complete Pre-Discovery Session Worksheet
     - Create login ID and grant Sandbox access for Salesforce Specialist
60Start +5 
3.) Discovery Session with Salesforce Domain Expert
     - Discuss and review your current implementation and usage
     - Provide overview of Salesforce Console capabilities
     - Review and finalize quantifiable success criteria
60Start +7
4.) Console Build ( Salesforce domain expert)
     -  Specialist configures your Service Cloud Console in your sandbox
N/AStart +7
5.) Console Review Calls (as needed)
     - Iterative review with your service & System Admin teams
60-120Start +12
6.) Final Console Review
     -  Review and demo the new Console
     - Tech Hand-Off to IT, Discuss deployment plan and best practices
30Start + 15
7.) Final Checkpoint ( Survey / Email) 
     - Confirm achievement of success criteria
     - Complete the engagement survey
15Start + 15

For additional resources check out the Getting Started with Service Cloud Hub

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