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Field update does not work inspite of workflow rule criteria is met

Knowledge Article Number 000232359
Description If you have an active workflow rule with a field update action on any object and the field is related to Number or Currency data type, you may observe that the workflow rule may not trigger after a rule criteria is met.

Operators like Addition / Subtraction / Multiplication / Division,  will show the total value on the record if the field update criteria is met.

Example: To show the total value after the field update on any record.

Formula criteria: Field1 + Field2 + Field3

After the workflow rule criteria is met, on the record you will observe the total value is not populating. 
Resolution This happens when a number or currency field is not set with the default value as: (0).

Below are the steps to check if the field is set with a default value:

Click on Setup  | Customize | Object | Field | Click Edit on field | Section: Show Formula Editor | add default value as (0) | Click on save.

Once the default value is set to (0), then the workflow rule will work fine.


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