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Advertising Studio Advanced Offsite Tracking Guide

Knowledge Article Number 000232374

Advertising Studio seamlessly integrates with several 3rd party mobile app tracking providers to report up to eight downstream mobile app conversion events per campaign, including real revenue data. Passing back downstream event data enhances your ability to manage campaign ROI in Advertising Studio.


These data points can be used with the following Advertising Studio products and functionality:

  • Automation - Automatic optimization rules to apply to campaigns and ads.
  • Analytics - Interactive optimization center, trends and campaign and ad grid tables.
  • Reporting - Campaign and ad-level reporting.

Learn how to integrate your tracking partner with Advertising Studio in our Advanced Offsite Tracking Guide.

Note: If you're working with a mobile tracking provider that isn't listed in the guide, don't worry -- Advertising Studio can integrate with any provider who can facilitate post-back calls. Reach out to your designated Account Manager or email to inquire about integrating your mobile tracking provider.

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