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Advertising Studio Campaigns Tracking Manual (for pixels, beacons, and tags)

Knowledge Article Number 000232377

Advertising Studio Campaigns can help you see exactly when and where customers are falling out of your sales pipeline. For example, if you have a four stage sign-up process, you'll be able to see which stage the customer disengages.

Using the additional detail about target groups and creative design, Advertising Studio Campaigns can then help you to optimize your campaigns and assist in achieving optimum ROI on your ad spend.

Advertising Studio Campaigns offers Facebook Pixels, Advertising Studio Campaigns Beacons, View Tags, and URL Tags to track your campaigns both on and off of the Facebook platform.


Advertising Studio Campaign Tracking Guide

Use our comprehensive Tracking Manual to configure tracking in Advertising Studio Campaigns, including:

  • Facebook vs Advertising Studio Campaigns Offsite Tracking Matrix
  • Set up Facebook Offsite Pixels
  • Set up Advertising Studio Campaigns Offsite Beacons
  • Track offsite conversions in new campaigns
  • Post Impression Tracking with View Tags
  • Post Click Tracking with URL Tags
  • Frequent Questions & Answers

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