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Accelerator - Service Cloud Case Escalation Management

Knowledge Article Number 000232379
Salesforce Success Services

Service Cloud Case Escalation Management

How can Case Escalation help Service?

   Desired Business Outcome:

     1)   Service Automation reduces initial response time and overall time to resolution by escalating cases before your customer initiates a new inquiry for status.
     2)   Increase Service productivity by reducing the number of handles for each case.
     3)   Expedite case handling by escalating the case automatically to notify management of potentially troublesome cases.

   Measurable Outcomes: 

     1)   Increase in # Single Touch Cases
     2)   Decrease in Mean Time to Resolution
     3)   Decrease in Handle Time
     4)   Increase in Customer CSAT

 Guiding Principles
    We are focused on a successful outcome through well defined scope

   Our Commitments:
     1)   We will facilitate a discovery session to help define and document our Service Workflow
     2)   We will identify up to 5 use cases for Case escalation to automate your service offering
     3)   We will share Best Practices and leverage Declarative Workflow to build your rules
     4)   We will leverage the latest release features and reuse existing components where applicable
     5)   No code will be created or modified
     6)   No integration with external systems will be addressed

   Your Commitments:
     1)   You are actively working to transform your service process through procedural improvements
     2)   A Service Leader Executive Sponsor is committed to the outcome and will participate with each milestone
     3)   Your business goals must be well defined which are critical to documenting the success criteria
     4)   Admin access to your sandbox is required for the Salesforce specialist 
     5)   A trained administrator is available to implement our recommendations in your production environment 
     6)   Your Service Cloud license are in use and assigned to users and the Case object is currently being used 

Engagement Process & Timeline
Key Milestones & Estimated Duration
Completion Date
1) Accelerator Overview
  • Review Accelerator details and meet all the participants
  • Agree on verifiable success criteria
  • Review pre-discovery worksheet
30-45Start Date
2) Discovery Session with Specialist
  • Discuss and review current case workflow
  • Review and finalize desired business outcomes
60-90Start +5 days
3) Build Rules
  • Specialist will configure features and functionality in your sandbox
  • Compile discussion findings and recommendations report
N/AStart + 7 days
4) Review of Findings
  • Review prepared discussion document 
  • Review and Demo the features and functionality created in the sandbox
  • Discuss Deployment best practices
60Start +12 days
5) Checkpoint Workflow Review
  • Review final workflow deployed
60Start +15 days
6) Final Checkpoint (Survey / Email)
  • Confirm Success criteria was achieved
  • Complete engagement survey
15Start +15 days


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