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Community User (no role) with cloned profile is unable to view cases

Knowledge Article Number 000232382
Description I have a community user that can create a case BUT cannot see or access them after creation. He is configured with the new profile which was made by cloning the master profile. If I change the profile to old profile he can access the cases, but when changed to cloned profile and he has no access to cases.  I did a profile compare and they are identical. The issue is insufficient access but I have given access in Communities and the profiles are identical why does this profile not have access?
The user is with a limited license and does not have a role. The only way to provide sharing is through community "Sharing Sets". You will need to move forward and update the sharing set to include the new profile. To do this move forward with the steps below. 

To locate your Community Sharing Sets 

1) Set Up I Communities I Communities Settings 

2) Under Sharing Sets Select the Community in which you are wanting the access change

3) Select Edit next to the community

4) Review if your cloned profile is in the Available Profiles if so move the Available Profiles to Selected Profiles


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