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Accelerator - Service Cloud Case Assignment Design

Knowledge Article Number 000232385
Salesforce Cloud Services


Service Cloud Case Assignment Design

Overview - How Can Case Assignment Automation Help?

  • Our customers typically complain that they are losing sight of important cases and the manual case assignment process is only delaying the start of the triage process.

  • If cases were automatically assigned to the correct person or queue automatically the appropriate level of service could being with the very first interaction. 
  • By creating some very simple Assignment Rules, Queues and Auto-Response Rules the Service Center will improve handling time.
  • A typical service agent can increase productivity by reducing the number of handles per case enabling them to address issues immediately.
  • This Accelerator targets customers who need help creating and configuring assignment rules for case creation in a sandbox org. along with deployment guidance and best practices.

Desired Measurable Business Outcomes

We'll work together to define what would be a successful outcome for you but typical goals include:
  • Increase in # Single Touch Cases
  • Decrease in Mean Time to Resolution
  • Decrease in Handling Time
  • Increase in Customer CSAT

Guiding Principles
We are focused on a successful outcome through well designed scope

   Our Commitments:
  • We will facilitate a discovery session to help define and document our Service Workflow
  • We will identify up to 5 use cases for Case Assignment to automate your service offering
  • We will share Best Practices and leverage Declarative Workflow to build your rules
  • We will leverage the latest release features and reuse existing components where applicable
  • No code will be created or modified
  • No integration with external systems will be addressed

   Your Commitments:
  • You are actively working to transform your service process through procedural improvements, improving the efficiency of your agents is key to this engagement. 
  • A Service Leader Executive Sponsor is committed to the outcome and will participate with each milestone
  • Your business goals must be well-defined which are critical to documenting the success criteria
  • Admin access to your sandbox is required for the Salesforce specialist 
  • A trained administrator is available to implement our recommendations in your production environment 
  • Your Service Cloud license are in use and assigned to users and the Case object is currently being used
  • You agree to complete our survey upon our completion 
Engagement Process & Timeline
1) Accelerator Overview
  • Review Accelerator details and meet all the participants
  • Agree on verifiable success criteria
  • Review pre-discovery worksheet
30-45 Start Date
2) Discovery Session with Specialist
  • Discuss and review current case workflow
  • Review and finalize desired business outcomes
60-90Start+ 5 days
3) Build Assignment Rules
  • Specialist will configure features and functionality in your sandbox
  • Compile discussion findings and recommendations report
N/AStart+ 7 days
4) Review Findings
  • Review prepared discussion document 
  • Review and Demo the features and functionality created in the sandbox
  • Discuss Deployment best practices
60Start+ 12 days
5) Checkpoint Workflow Review
  • Review final workflow deployed
60Start+ 15 days
6) Final Checkpoint (Survey / Email)
  • Confirm Success criteria was achieved
  • Complete engagement survey
15Start+ 15 days

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