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Accelerator - Service Cloud Case Feed for Console

Knowledge Article Number 000232392
Salesforce Cloud Services


Service Cloud Case Feed for Console

Case Feed Overview:
  • Case Feed provide support agents a more streamlined way of creating, managing, and viewing cases.
  • It includes actions and a Chatter feed.
  • The actions let agents create case notes, log calls, change the status of cases, and communicate with customers.
  • The feed displays important case events in chronological order, so it’s easy to see the progress of each case.

Questions Addressed by this Accelerator:
          1.)  How do you configure the Case Feed for your customer service reps, and what options are available?
          2.)  What data can be displayed in the Highlights Panel?
          3.)  How can I reduce the number of clicks to close a case?
          4.)  What Case history information can be displayed in the Feed?
          5.)  How can you filter out the "noise" in the Feed?
          6.)  How does Knowledge operate in the Feed?

Define your Success Criteria:
 We'll work together to define what would be a successful outcome for you.
Popular Examples:  
            1.)  Configure Case Feed for the Tier 1 Technical Support Team
            2.)  Leverage the Console layout as the starting framework
            3.)  Utilize the features from the latest release
            4.)  Configure the left size of the Case & Account components so reps can edit record info while in the feed
            5.)  Provide filters to hide actions not needed by agents

Guiding Principles

 We are focused on a successful outcome through well defined scope

        Our Commitments:
            1.)  We will help you identify your top use cases
            2.)  We will provide best practices
            3.)  We will configure the Case Feed using our Declarative capabilities
                   a. Leverage the latest features
                   b. Reuse existing components (e.g. Console, Page Layouts,etc.)
                   c. Modify the Console configuration as needed
                   d. No code will be created or modified
                   e. No integration will be performed with external systems 

          Your Commitments:
                   a. The Service Cloud Console and Case Management is currently in use
                   b. Confirm success and acceptance critieria
                   c. Confirm key staff will participate in each milestone which includes a Business Sponsor and SF Administrator
                   d. Provide access to your sandbox for the Salesforce Specialist with Admin access
                   e. You will deploy the Case Feed (Console) to your users upon completion
                   f.  Provide feedback via survey (Required)

Engagement Process & Timeline
Key Milestones & Approximate Duration
1) Accelerator Overview30Start Date
2) Discovery Session Preparation60Start Date
+ 5 Days
3) Discovery Session Facilitated by our Domain Specialist60Start Date
+ 7 Days
4) Console Build by Domain ExpertN/AStart Date
+ 7 Days
5) Console Review Calls (as needed)60-120Start Date
+ 12 Days
6) Final Console Review with Feed Features enabled30Start Date
+ 15 Days
7) Final Checkpoint (Survey / Email)15Start Date
+ 15 Days

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