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Accelerator - Salesforce1 Mobile User Feedback Capture

Knowledge Article Number 000232394
Salesforce Cloud Services


Salesforce1 Mobile User Feedback Capture



  • Salesforce1 (SF1) usage feedback is invaluable - so imagine a built in SF1 app that makes it easy for users to provide it anywhere at anytime.

  • This Accelerator provides the guidance you need to quickly design and build this declarative mobile app that fits your needs perfectly.
   Mobile User Feedback Overview:
  • This Accelerator targets customers who want to develop solutions to driver improved usage of SF1 based on direct feedback 
  • Ideal for a mobile user to submit an idea or suggestion for improvement that might drive a better experience for all
  • This offers a method to track feedback from your users to help prioritize your development efforts
  • We provide a baseline unmanaged package and walk you through its design.
  • We explore methods of personal customization as we walk through the setup of the application and talk through the mobile focused experience

   Define your Success Criteria:
     We'll work together to define what would be a successful outcome for you.
         Typical Benefits:  
  • Helps establish a vested user relationship that empowers them to share the success of SF1's usage
  • Helps you design solutions based on actual user feedback
  • Helps you capture insights into users of SF1 mobile likes and dislikes
  • Helps you drive better usage of SF1 improving adoption
  • Helps you identify your advocates and power users
   Guiding Principles

     We are focused on a successful outcome through well defined scope

        Our Commitments:
  • We will provide guidance with the installing the preconfigured Package, Setup and highlight areas that can be customized. 
  • We will discuss the features of the application and the purpose of its design
  • We will help you facilitate decisions around training and roll-out
          Your Commitments:
  • We need an environment to install the initial package
  • Dedicated resource(s) that will manage / champion the engagement process through to closure
  • Identify a Use Case / compelling even that will drive a means to confirm success " I want to know more about what the user feels is / isn't working for them in SF1 Page Layouts".
  • Agree on Success Criteria
  • Provide post-engagement feedback via survey (Required)
Engagement Process & Timeline
Key Milestones & Approximate Duration
1) Accelerator Overview30-60 Start Date
2) Feature Overview - Discovery60 Start +5 days
3) Post Package Installation - Report Out60 Start +7 days
4) Feedback App Deployment discussion - Review Call60 Start +12 days
5) Accelerator Success Review - Sponsor Call30 Start +15 days
6) Final Checkpoint (Survey / Email)15 Start +15 days

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