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Why am I receiving an "OAUTH_APP_BLOCKED" error when trying to access Salesforce Checkout?

Knowledge Article Number 000232413
Description When I navigate to Setup > Checkout and click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button, I get the following error message:
Problem Logging In

We can’t log you in because of the following error. For more information, contact your Salesforce administrator.

Why is this happening?
Screenshot: Remote_Error: OAUTH_APP_BLOCKED

Resolution This may occur because your system administrator has chosen to block the "Checkout" Connected App for your organization.

To confirm this, an administrator in your organization can follow these steps:

1. navigate to Setup > Manage Apps > Connect Apps OAuth Usage
2. Look for the "Checkout" Connected App
3. If the "Action" button for the Checkout app says "Unblock", then this Connected App has been blocked.

To allow Checkout connections from your org, an administrator must follow these steps:

(follow steps 1-3 above)
4. Click "Unblock".
5. To proceed, review the dialog box that appears and click "OK"
Checkout Connected App Blocked by Admin

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