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Why can't I reset my password on my Mobile device?

Knowledge Article Number 000232425
Description Many times users will receive password reset emails on their mobile device and need to reset their password away from their laptop.  Users will need to reset passwords inside of a Browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc..) as the Salesforce1 app does not handle password resets.  The following is a common scenario that mobile users may run into and the steps they can take to reset their passwords.  
Resolution 1. System Admin User resets a User password or a new User is created and a password email is sent out. 

2. End User receives the email with password reset link.  The link would look something like this:
3. A user selects the link, and from here several scenarios will take place:  
a) On iOS devices, the link should open in Browser automatically, end users should see no issues. 

b) In Android devices, they will be asked to open in Salesforce1, or default Browser.
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Users should select Chrome and choose "Always" so that these links will open in Chrome each time.  If users choose Chrome, it would open in the Chrome browser and reset normally.   Selecting "Just Once" will only use the program once to open the link.  

If they choose Salesforce1, the app login screen will open and users cannot reset the password here.  They will need to long press on the link and select COPY LINK URL and PASTE it into a Browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). 

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