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How to get an Amount value without the Currency ISO Code when multi-currency is enabled

Knowledge Article Number 000232435
Description When multi-currency is enabled in an Organization the Currency ISO Code will display along with the value on currency fields (e.g. USD 100)

How can we display the value without the Currency ISO Code?

Resolution This can only be achieved with the help of a custom formula field that we can use to populate the Amount standard field. This custom formula field will not carry over the Currency ISO Code and will display only the numeric value.

To create a formula field on the opportunity object please follow these steps:

1. Click on Setup | Customize | Opportunity | Fields

     a) Click New on Opportunity Custom Fields & Relationships.
     b) Now, click on Formula radio button.
     c) Enter field label, select formula return type as Number, decimal places as 2, and click on Next.
     d) Insert the formula manually as Amount
     e) Click on Next and Save it.

After that you just have to use this Custom Field in your Page Layout or in your Reports and only the numeric value will display, without the ISO Code.

For more information: 
Building Formulas

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