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Issue with third party application Docusign

Knowledge Article Number 000232483
Description Troubleshooting and support for Docusign or other third party application or package functionality is not provided through Salesforce Support due to the custom nature and functionality of these applications. Third party applications may require unique implementation and setup for which Salesforce does not have official resources, training or materials.

For assistance with Docusign specifically, please reach out the application's designated support team via the following options:

Phone: 866.219.4318
Knowledge Base

After the application's team investigates and if it's determined that they require Salesforce Support's assistance to resolve your issue, the partner will need to log a case on your behalf via their own designated Partner Support channels to engage Salesforce Support.

Resolution If you're unable to reach the Docusign application's team via the details above please refer to their application listing's DETAILS tab for up to date contact and support information here:

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