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Scheduled Reports are creating Cases

Knowledge Article Number 000232488
Description A running user who has created a scheduled report has cases that are being created in their name.
Resolution Upon review of the case you will find that the creation of the case was by Email to Case. You will have to review if there is a designated email within the Email to Case being referenced within your Scheduled reports.

To find your scheduled reports:
  1. On the Reports tab, click a report name.
  2. Click Schedule Future Runs from the Run Report drop-down menu
  3. Review to see if emails are being sent to other users you have two options to move forward with 
    To meSend the report to your email address specified on your user profile.
    To me and/or othersEmail the report to additional users.

You will find that if you have used "To me and/or Others" the names of the users will be listed review and see if any of those names have emails being used in Email to Case. 

If it is "To me" check the running user/affected users email and make sure that their email is not associated with Email to Case. 

Note: User names are different from emails for users. Make sure to check that the email itself is not a email utilized in Email to Case. 

You will need to either change the email so the case is not created or modify for the user to not be used to ensure you do not receive a case creation. 

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