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Could not match entity object to input var: [sObject]

Knowledge Article Number 000232489
Description Process builder flows are meant to fire when there are certain DML operations(like insert/update) performed on an object. These DML operations can be done via code or API. 

DML(insert/update) operation may sometimes encounter an error like, "The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. could not match entity object to input var: [sObject]" where sObject is the object on which the DML is performed. 
Resolution This generally happens if the [sObject] in the error is not accessible due to the API version used in context to invoke the processes.

If the apex class or the API version used to perform the DML is of a lower API version to which the object supports, you will get an internal server error sometimes in combination to this error. This is working as expected. Be sure to use the API version is compatible. 

For e.g. FeedItem object was not made avaliable until API version 21: FeedItem

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