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Changes to the Forecast Categories not reflected on the Forecast Tab

Knowledge Article Number 000232517
Description After renaming the Forecast Categories under Setup | Opportunities | Fields | Forecast Category, the headers of the forecast Category in Forecast tab does not reflect the changes.


Best Case Forecast ( Forecast category) is changed or renamed to Test.

On such scenario, we will check the Forecast Settings:

1) Click on Setup | Forecasts | Forecast Settings

Verify if, Enable Cumulative Forecast Rollups feature is enabled. If yes, then the new forecast category labels will not show any change on Forecast tab.

Resolution Below are the steps to show up the changes in Forecast Headers on Forecast tab:

1) Click Setup | Forecasts | Forecast Settings | disable Enable cumulative forecast rollups | Click on Save.

Refresh the Forecast tab, new forecast category labels will show as Forecast Header.


The above steps are available in Collaborative Forecasting. 

For more information:

Cumulative Forecast Rollups Overview

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