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BEST PRACTICES: Marketing Cloud - Maximize your Email Design

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Maximize Your Email Design

Email Design is a tricky business - however, you have the ability to test specific regions within your email to help decide the layout that will be the most successful for you. Here are some tips and tricks to figuring out the best way to beat the game.

If you are a past "Journalism Kid", like I am - you have heard the phrase "above the fold". This refers to the area of a newspaper that is visible to viewers when it is, you guessed it, folded. Imagine what you see when a paper is on the coffee table or in the newsstand. Though newspapers are soon a thing of the past, the 'above the fold' mantra still applies, to your emails - although the fold is not really a fold, but where the screen is going to cut off your email either on a screen or portable device.

This is important to keep in mind while you design your emails. When your email is opened on a phone - does your header take up the entire screen? Is your call to action below the fold line? What is the first thing your subscribers see when the open or click - some people may not even open your email but quickly view it in a preview pane - so you want to make sure the best content is at the top.

When designing your emails - here are some important things the consider:
  • Vertical layout over the Horizontal is preferable (think about how people scroll on a phone, up and down - not side to side)
  • If you have multiple products/categories to display, provide a navigation bar.
  • Use 4-5 panels of area for visual emphasis that offers specific eye path for key offerings.
  • Calls-to-action should be clear & enticing and above the fold to draw people into the email.
  • Make feature headers or product offers readily clickable - let them take an action if they want to - don't make them hunt for a link.
It is important to think about how your subscribers are going to read and interact with the email. Too often, companies and designers want to show case creativity to wow their subscribers, but create an email that is hard to navigate and where opens may be high, they fail to convert. Have a clear action, keep it simple and keep it above the fold. 

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