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Enable Send email notifications for group announcements

Knowledge Article Number 000232555
Description Available in:  All Editions
Available in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and the Salesforce1 mobile app

Send email notifications for group announcements makes it easier to manage communication between a group.
Group notifications makes sure that the people you communicate with have easy insight into group conversations. 
Group owners and managers require the “Send emails on announcements” profile permission to do this. To send notifications, select "Email all group members" next to the announcement expiration date.
Resolution Group owners and managers can send email notifications to all group members for group announcements, regardless of their email notification settings. Previously, group members would receive email notifications for announcements only if they opted to be notified for each post.

If you would like to move forward with having this feature enabled, take the following steps:
1. Have a System Administrator log a case with Salesforce Support.
2. Include all essential details, including the organization ID where this feature should be enabled.
NOTE: After activation, you will need to assign Users the Profile Permission called "Send announcement emails". This provides access to the feature. 

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