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How to keep first 0 in CSV when import into Salesforce?

Knowledge Article Number 000232559
Description There are times that you wanted to have first “0” on the record when importing but don't know how. Most especially when you import records with phone number on your CSV file.
Resolution Now this can be done by following these steps below.
  1. Once you open the CSV file, right-click the column letter (e.g., B) and select Format Cells.
  2. Then choose Custom, and set the format to 00000000.
  3. This will add the leading 0 to all cells where it is missing, and when you save it as .CSV, it will export the leading 0 in the output file too. (Note: Once this is saved don’t open the CSV file to save the changes. )
  4. Now you can use the CSV file to import your record.

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