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Problem exporting CSV files in Safari

Knowledge Article Number 000232585

When attempting to export a CSV file using Safari, users may experience an issue where the file is displayed within the browser instead of downloading to the user's machine.
This is a known behavior of the Safari browser when downloading CSV files. 

Safari is designed to handle raw data inside of the browser, so the only way to save the file is to manually save it from the browser. 


The workaround for this issue is to Save the file locally. 

This can be done via the following steps: 

1. Right click on the page Safari has opened, and choose "Select Page As". 
2. Another prompt will show up allowing you to choose the file name and where you wish to save the file. 
3. In the next prompt, change Format to Page Source. You'll notice the file extension in the file name line changed to .csv 
4. Change the file name as needed and select where you want to save the file. 
5. Click Save. 

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