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How to locate dashboards and reports hidden in personal folders?

Knowledge Article Number 000232625
Description With the Spring '16 release a new feature was added to permit the location of Reports and Dashboards that have been saved into a user's "My Personal Folder." To utilize the functionality, the below must be true.

These features must be enabled for your organization:

  • Enable Analytics Sharing for the organization
  • Expose the "Manage All Private Reports and Dashboards" User Perm

This feature must be enabled on the profile of the user performing the search:

  • Manage All Private Reports and Dashboards
A lack of these settings in place will lead the below error if the functionality is attempted:


Please note that this functionality is available only for use on the Dashboards and Reports objects. It is not currently supported for use with queries against the DashboardComponent object.
Resolution To utilize this feature, please include the below line within your SOQL query via API version 36 or higher.

USING SCOPE allPrivate

For example:
SELECT Id,Title FROM Dashboard WHERE Type != 'SpecifiedUser'   (this query returns Dynamic Dashboards that are not in private folders)
SELECT Id,Title FROM Dashboard USING SCOPE allPrivate WHERE Type != 'SpecifiedUser'  (this query returns Dynamic Dashboards that are in private folders)

Note: When using Workbench, make sure to select Include for the "Deleted and archived records" to show Reports/Dashboards in the Recycle Bin

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