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Export your organizations Contacts

Knowledge Article Number 000232644

Since there isn't a standard report type for Contacts, you can create a custom report for to display your organizations Contacts and then save it using an export.


To get started, create a new Custom Report Type with "Contacts" as your primary object. If you're new to the process, learn the steps in our "Create a Custom Report Type" help documentation. When your new Report Type is created, create a new Report.

1. Click the Reports tab, then click New Report.
2. Select the folder where you saved your new report type, then select your new report type.
3. Click Create.
4. In the "Show" field, select All Contacts.
5. Delete the dates listed in the "From" and "To" fields.
6. Drag and drop any fields you'd like to include from the "Fields" section (like First Name, Last Name, Email, and so on).
7. Click Run Report.
8. Click Export Details.
9. Select your export format, then click Export.


Note: This report will only display up to 2,000 Contacts. If there are more than 2,000 Contact records, they will appear in the exported document. You'll also need the "View All Data" permission to view all contacts.

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