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Error message when trying to click on the Object's Tab - Error Id contains (893604397)

Knowledge Article Number 000232651
Description Clicking on the Tab of an Standard Object an Internal Server Error appears with the following Error ID:
2066675935-2621 (893604397)
Please note that the error may change, usually the last part -stacktrace id- will be the same for all cases.

Please follow the steps below to resolve this.
Resolution Generally this issue appears when a List View in the system doesn't have a label. For this example I'd use Opportunities but please adapt the resolution to any other object if necessary.

When any user (including System Administrators) click on the Opportunities standard tab an Internal Server Error appears. The Id contains (893604397).

1. Open and login to Workbench (
2. Navigate to the "info" dropdown and select "Metadata Types & Components".
3. In the "Choose a metadata type describe and list its components" dropdown list please select "ListView" .
4. Expand the "Components" folder, expand the objects' folder and you'll have a list of all the List Views for that Object, in our example, Opportunities.
5. By expanding each of the List View's folders you'll have access to some fields, including the Id of the List View.
6. Please check each Id using the following URL: https://[instance][List-View-Id]
[instance] is your salesforce instance, you can see it in the URL address of any page in your salesforce account (e.g. EU4, NA23, AP1, CS10...)
[List-View-Id] is the Id that you obtained in step #5.
7. One of the List Views will be missing a required field, generally the name or the label, please introduce a value there and Save the List View.

After making sure that all the List Views in the object have all the required fields the error message should disappear.

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