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Description There are several reasons why you can experience latency with We'll give you all the information you need to know on why you can experience the latency along with a few tools on how to fix it. 

Reason for Eclipse latency


  • Unmanaged code: The Apex compiler compiles all dependencies upon saves. If there is a significant amount of code (say > 2MB), then this could result in very high compile times per each save/push to the platform.
  • Dequeue delay:  The IDE saves are always asynchronous for its current version
  • Java version: A common issue with Eclipse and Java 7 or earlier is a java heap size that is too small, which causes local performance issues. You can refer to this article and consider tweaking the "-Xmx1024m" parameter to "-Xmx2048m" if there are quite a few projects open (but not any more than this). "--launcher.XXMaxPermSize" should have a setting of at least 256m. If running Java 7, it should be version 7u80 or later for Eclipse 4.5.
  • Large code base: Consider working with ANT build scripts. Take a look at the build.xml in the Cumulus CI.


Faster Eclipse options

  • MavensMate: provides integration with good speed.
  • migration tool: you could use ANT for deploying and retrieving items from your environment, which is also a fast way to deploy/retrieve code.

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