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Salesforce1 - Why am I not directed to the Full Site when selecting the option?

Knowledge Article Number 000232697
Description Why isn't the Full Site opening when I select the option?

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Resolution iOS handles this Full Site link in the Salesforce1 Mobile Browser version as a pop up and so users may notice this link does not work when "Block Pop-ups" is enabled for Safari.  Users will need to turn this setting off in order to navigate to the Full Site.  In order to toggle this on and off, go to the Settings App > Safari > General Settings

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When this is disabled, users should be prompted to "Allow or Block" the pop-up.  Ensure "Allow" is selected in order to navigate to Full Site.  

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Please Note
The Full Site is not currently supported in Mobile Browsers and Salesforce cannot guarantee all features will function the same.   

For more information, please see:
Salesforce1 Mobile Browser setting
Salesforce support for Classic UI and Lightning UI on mobile browsers

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