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External object records not available in Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000232703
Resolution If the Org has Lightning Connect enabled and users are unable to access data from the External Object on Salesforce1 (including but are able to access it in Aloha, proceed with the below steps:
  1. Verify that the data from External Objects are searchable in Aloha.
  2. Make sure that the External Objects found under | Setup | Build | | Develop | External Data Objects | have Tab's created and assigned to the Profiles. 
  3. "High Data Volume" should be "Unchecked" under | Setup | Build | | Develop | External Data Source: XXXX. 
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    • Note: "If selected, you avoid most rate limits for retrieving or viewing data from this external data source. However, the external objects associated with this external data source won't be available in Chatter and Salesforce1." 

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