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Unable to keep the 'Do Not Reassign Owner' checkbox to TRUE in Lead Assignment Rule

Knowledge Article Number 000232714
Description Do Not Reassign Owner check box in Lead Assignment rule does not stay checked instead gets un-checked after saving the rule. 

Steps to Reproduce:
Click on Setup | Customize | Lead | Lead Assignment Rule | Edit the rule name | Click on edit on the rule entries and check the box 'Do Not Reassign Owner' | click on save | upon saving the rule the check box is set to un-check.
Resolution This is working as designed. You should remove the actual user's name or queue before selecting  'Do Not Reassign Owner'. After removing the name then check on 'Do Not Reassign Owner'. It will appear as grayed out on user or queue and click on save.

The assignment rule will show Assign to as Same User.

For more information: 
Set Up Assignment Rules

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