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Picklist field update in Macro causes error: The field is not available

Knowledge Article Number 000232731
Description I have a Macro created that is to update a Controlling Picklist and it's Dependent Picklist.  However, every time I run it I receive the 


There was an error running the Macro. Take a look at the Macro’s instructions and try again. The field is not available. Please update the Macro".  This occurs because the Macro is trying to update the Dependent Picklist with a value not selected in the Field Dependency Matrix.

Steps to Replicate:

1. Create a Macro. See Article Create Macros for detailed steps.
2. While creating your Macro set it to update the Controlling Picklist and the Dependent Picklist ignoring the Field Dependency Matrix.
3. Run your Macro and receive the error.   
Resolution To resolve this error edit the Field Dependency Matrix and make the Dependent Picklist value available for use or your can edit your Macro to not include the Dependent Picklist update. 

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