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Fields not available for mapping when using the Data Import Wizard

Knowledge Article Number 000232755
Description With Spring '16 Data Import Wizard Respects More Field Accessibility Settings.

The Data Import Wizard now respects Salesforce admins’ field access as specified in page layouts and field-level security. Previously, those settings affected only non-admin users of Data Import Wizard. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

As per the Page Layouts and Field-Level Security documentation, page layouts "determine the fields that users can import data into." If users are reporting fields are no longer available for mapping when using the Data Import Wizard an administrator will need to ensure that the affected users now have appropriate access set for the missing fields.

Resolution Ensure that the affected users profile's assigned record types and their associated page layouts include the missing fields.

If the fields are contained on the page layouts, check field level security for the missing fields on the importing user's assigned profile. You can view field access by field, profile or record type via Setup, type "Field" in the quick find box and click Field Accessibility under the Security Controls menu.

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